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Foldo Awnings is a well-established and leading brand in the awning market, offering a variety of shading solutions.


The flagship offering of the Foldo group of companies is its patented adjustable Louvre awnings. With Foldo adjustable Louvre awnings you decide exactly how much sun or shade you want and where you want it.

Specifically designed to control sunlight exposure, it is the perfect shade or covering solution for patios. Crafted to provide shading in summer, while maximizing the amount of sunlight in winter, Foldo adjustable awnings thereby enables you to enjoy the best of every season.


Installing fixed awnings proves to be a cost-effective way of cooling your house, shielding your furniture against rain damage, and protecting interior furnishings from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Foldo’s fixed awnings are lightweight and durable, and  requires little maintenance. Fixed Awnings can also be custom-made to match the style of your space!

Depending on the width and projection, the fabric is rolled around a barrel of 70 or 80mm diameter barrel which has a groove for easy attachment of the fabric and is supported at each end by coated cast aluminium brackets.

The arms are of extruded aluminium tubing and are pivoted at the wall by a fitting which can contain a strong spring to tension the fabric down to a maximum of 155-degree angle, or alternatively with a 180-degree angle by use of a gravity arm (no spring). It is advisable in the latter case to add ballast to the front rail of the awning.

The front rail is a substantial aluminium extrusion with grooves both for the main cover and the valance and makes for easy assembly and exchange of fabric and valance.

This unit is for sun protection only and is to be fully retracted when not in use.


Quick and easy to operate, Foldo’s retractable awnings allow you to enjoy the full warmth of the sun in winter as it warms up your interior space and provides natural lighting, saving on heating costs. In summer Foldo’s retractable awnings will keep your home cool and protect your wood and furnishings from the glare of the sun.


Foldo’s Skywave Awnings are automated aluminium awnings that can retract back to open fully – and then close again when required.
Great for spaces where you sometimes need cover from rain, but other times want to welcome the sun or the view – great over jacuzzis.
Foldo’s Skywave awnings are created from high-quality and durable materials making it low in maintenance. Skywave awnings can be custom-made to fit specific space requirements.


Custom designed to your exact need, a Foldo carport is a simple but effective way of adding shade to your commercial and industrial business premise, housing and townhouse or apartment developments. It adds an attractive visual elements whilst also protecting employees/residents’ cars from the elements.

Choose from two types of roofing, Chromadek, Galvanised steel or Aluminium.

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