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We are proud to be one of the largest suppliers of aluminum shutters, in Namibia.

About Our Aluminium Shutters

Locally made from premium aluminium with Qualicoat approved powder coating, their versatility and classic simplicity make aluminium shutters the ideal long-term solution to privacy, light control throughout your home. And the best part? They’re there when you need them, but when you don’t they glide away, stacking neatly to leave your views completely unobstructed.


Usually, openings in your home require two products to meet functional and decorative needs. But shutters fulfill both sets of requirements: barely there when stacked, providing a clean yet cozy feel when completely closed, and revealing various degrees of light and external views when louvered at different angles, they also secure your home, removing the need for unsightly burglar bars or security gates – for years to come.

Enclosing or protecting an entertainment area from wind, direct sunlight, and even rain with our long-lasting shutters ensures you can keep entertaining even when the weather has other plans. The quality of powder coating and various fixings means that our shutters can be installed externally as well.


As an out-and-out professional company, Blockhouse Shutters takes your family’s security seriously. Our dedicated team spends countless hours on extensive research and development – insisting on manufacturing only the absolute best aluminum security shutter barriers possible.

Installing shutters from a reputable security shutter manufacturer who is also a gold affiliate of SASA, a member of SAIA and a member of the Cape Chamber of Commerce, not only protects and enhances the value and beauty of your home, it also saves on costs in the long run. Your security and light control come in one perfectly fitting packaged product.

Our production and manufacturing facility in Cape Town produces top-notch security shutters while maintaining eco/environmentally friendly production methods. We team up with highly respected installation and sales agents nationwide, whilst boasting a product developed based on 18 years of experience.

With this level of commitment and dedication, it hardly comes as a surprise that most insurance companies in the country have fully accepted shutters as a standard security barricade. Playing a major role in achieving this is our patented design, 34mm frame, along with reinforced louvers.

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